Envogue is in a unique position to offer a premium product at an exceptional price. Our manufacturing processes allow us to be at the forefront of the tanning industry, we use only the highest quality materials in our tanning solution. Our solution contains 10% and 12.5%German grade DHA which is the highest acceptable concentration of the finest quality DHA.

95% of the market use Phenoxiethanol as a preservative. Phenoxiethanol has an extremely unpleasant odour and is extremely irritating if used in high concentrations. Again a fragrance is used in the tanning formulas to eliminate the odour of Phenoxiethanol. Had fragrance not been added to the base of these formulas, the odour would be intolerable and the air quality in the room following an application would be extremely poor.

The preservative used in Envogue tanning solutions is odourless and an extremely low percentage is required.

Fragrance is usually added to products to cover up or mask the smell of a harsh ingredient.

Green based solution
There are two reasons why some tanning companies suggest their formulas are green based.Firstly it is because the formulas contain very poor quality FD & C colour agents. Envogue uses the FD & C colours which are 10 times higher in quality and price.

Secondly, instant bronzers discolour and oxydize within days after the formulas are manufactured therefore most companies state their solution as being green based.

We are confident that Envogue tanning solution will become your preferred tanning brand.
Envogue spray tan solution will offer clients a natural instant colour with no orange undertones and a tan that will wear off evenly. The solution is completely fragrant free, no fragrance is necessary as all ingredients are natural. It is also very quick drying and the client’s skin is completely dry within 5 minutes of application. The end result is a tan that will last for 8-10 days.

We are extremely confident that you will be impressed with the results of Envogue tanning solution.