Our philosophy and our commitment to your salon

Envogue is committed to excel to the highest standard of excellence in the tanning industry by ensuring reliable service delivery and superior product quality to its clientele.

Envogue has already made a successful entry into the tanning industry and gained a significant market share, including some of the most well established and renowned salons Australia wide. Envogue is well positioned to continue its expansion and we anticipate attracting the majority of the market share. Our success is based on a simple philosophy of providing premium quality products at an exceptional price and excellence in service.

We are committed to strengthening our brand in the Australian tanning industry and are welcoming the rapid increase in the number of salons introducing Envogue as there leading tanning brand.

We are dedicated to provide superior quality products, client satisfaction and salon confidence in our brand. Our continued success is based on adhering to high standards and stringent quality controls to maintain and ensure premium quality products.

Envogue uses only the most premium German grade DHA in all of its tanning formulas. Unlike the majority of tanning suppliers who use Phenoxiethanol as a preservative, which is highly irritating and unpleasant in smell, Envogue’s ingredients are odourless and fragrant free and do not contain the commonly used and potentially irritating preservative, Phenoxiethanol.

Most consumers would have heard about “green based” formulas. Some tanning companies became known for supplying these types of tanning formulas because the manufactured product was unstable.  As a result a green based product is most likely a discoloured and oxidised product.  Most importantly Envogue tanning solution retains it true colour and has a long shelf life.