We are proud to announce the launch of En vogue Professional Spray Tan released to the Australian market.


About the Company
En vogue is a new branch of an existing, highly successful and well established spray tanning organisation. The founding company has conquered a large part of the spray tanning market share. The company places priority on professionalism and continuously strives to offer absolute excellence in its ongoing support and customer service. The success of our establishments is due to effectively adhering to two basic business principles; providing high quality products and first-class service. It is our fundamental belief that these principles are an integral part of client satisfaction.

The tanning industry
We hold years of experience and business acumen making us leaders in the beauty and tanning industry. Our aim is to gain the majority of the market share through the introduction of our latest brand, Envogue.

In the last 7 years following the introduction of professional spray tanning products, wholesale suppliers have dramatically increased. Many of these suppliers lack the knowledge and expertise required. There is also a risk of compromising quality when opting for cheaper alternatives which more often result in lack of consumer satisfaction.

Our knowledge extends beyond 7 years and we have established two successful spray tanning brands within our portfolio. As the market leader in professional spray tanning solution we are in a unique position to offer you a premium product at an exceptional price.

Due to our extensive research and development, we anticipate rapidly gaining the majority of the spray tanning market share and establishing En Vogue as the primary spray on tanning supplier in Australia.

Salon success
We are offering salons the opportunity to trial En Vogue professional spray tan in their salon and see the increase in profits margins substantially.

Product information
The quality of En vogue products is exceptional. Colour equilibrium technology, high concentrates of stable DHA formulas combined with increased penetration of active ingredients, including Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, ensure En vogue is at the forefront of scientifically designed spray tanning products.

En vogue spray tanning solution is completely fragrance free, quick drying, leaves no sticky residue, long lasting (up to ten days), absolutely no orange undertones and the tan will wear off evenly.

En vogue tanning solution offers three levels of instant natural colours to suit all skin types. As there are only three colour levels, selecting the right colour for a particular skin type is simple, Level 1 is for fair skin, Level 2 is for olive skin and Level 3 with 12.5% DHA is or clients wanting even darker results.